An on-line cryptocurrency exchange office –– how it works and how to use it?

An on-line cryptocurrency exchange office is a popular service that allows you to buy cryptocurrency in a convenient and simple way. Additionally, it is one of the few places where you can buy an e-coin anonymously and without having to register. And how to do it… red below.

 Get your e-coin –– where to buy cryptocurrency

When it comes to acquiring cryptocurrencies, you need to remember that a few years ago cryptocurrency mining was very popular. It was based on solving cryptographic puzzles in order to create more e-coin units. In return for their services, the so-called miners received their remuneration in cryptocurrencies. However, crypto-mining was quite an expensive activity as it required special equipment, known as a “cryptocurrency excavator”, and involved high electricity bills.

Another way to get e-money is to buy it on the cryptocurrency exchange. The disadvantage of the cryptocurrency exchange, though, is its unstable level of security –– sometimes its users fall victim to hacker attacks and scams. Another downside is the need to prove your identity with an ID card or other identity document. This is a legal requirement in the USA and Europe. People, who look for a platform where an independent trade in cryptocurrencies  is allowed, are therefore forced to use less trusted exchanges based outside the EU or US jurisdiction.

One of the few ways to purchase cryptocurrency anonymously is a cryptocurrency exchange office without registration. It operates brick-and-mortar as well as on-line. The brick-and-mortar one usually offers fiat currencies exchange services and you can also buy e-money there which is to be transferred to the given user’s address. On the other hand, on-line exchange office is much more convenient as the entire operation takes place on the Internet and you don’t have to leave home.

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On-line purchase, e.g. how the cryptocurrency exchange office works

Buying e-money in an on-line cryptocurrency exchange office is simple and takes no more than several minutes. Usually on the platform’s main page there are currency pairs and their exchange rates. The exchange office usually exchanges fiat money for cryptocurrency (e.g. USD / TRX) or cryptocurrency for cryptocurrency (e.g. ETH / TRX), but also cryptocurrency for fiat money (e.g. BTC / EUR).

When using a cryptocurrency exchange office, it is important to check if identity verification is required. Some offices don’t allow for an independent cryptocurrency trading and require showing scanned copies of your ID documents. Such verification might take up to several days, therefore using a cryptocurrency exchange office without registration is a better solution. In this case, all you need to do is to select the appropriate number of units and purchase it without having to create an account and enter your information. Crypto-ATM is one of such virtual cryptocurrency exchange offices.

Difficult choice, or how to choose an on-line cryptocurrency exchange office?

When choosing a cryptocurrency exchange office check opinions on it on-line. Good exchange offices should have positive reviews and opinions on content aggregators. Some industry portals also publish reviews of both cryptocurrency exchanges and exchange offices.

You should also make sure that the service responds to their client’s messages. Sometimes, in the event of payment problems, you will need to explain the issue with the Customer Service Centre, and in such a situation it is definitely better to use the services of an exchange office, where the information flow is efficient. Furthermore, pay attention to contact information. Official exchange offices should provide their e-mail addresses, telephone number or links to their social media. If not, this should raise your particular suspicions. 

It is also important to find out what a given exchange office offers. The cryptocurrency exchange rate is the most important, because the more favourable the buy or sell ratio is, the greater the chance for successful investment. Pay attention to the offered currencies pairs and types of e-money. Most exchange offices provide the most popular assets, such as Ethereum or Bitcoin, but only a few offer lesser-known altcoins. For example, the Crypto-ATM cryptocurrency exchange office offers such currencies as Tron, DASH or Lisk.

The type of supported payments is also significant. Some platforms use only one provider, e.g. PayPal, which may cause problems for people who do not have an account on this site. Therefore, a professional exchange office should offer quick transactions or card transactions.

 A cryptocurrency exchange office is one of the places where it is worth to buy e-money. Especially, if the client wants to stay anonymous. However, to choose a good exchange office, you should first pay attention to the factors presented above. So analyse most of the offers and choose the best one before using the cryptocurrency exchange services.

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